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$19/month Pay monthly and cancel or pause at any time. Choose plan


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When should I check my mailbox?

Ordering now, will mean you'll have your monthly subscription box by mid-January. Currently available in the continental US only.


What age is the Toca Life Box suitable for?

Toca Life Box is best suited for kids ages 6-11, but can be enjoyed by imaginative kids of any age!

What's inside each box?

Each box is packed with activities, games, and rare items to spark kids' imaginations. There are no rules, no boundaries and no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do anything, just hours of fun, imaginative play!

Where do you ship?

As of right now, we only ship to the continental United States. However, we’ve got our best team of thinkers and planners working hard to figure out how to expand to the rest of the world!

Can I pause my subscription plan?

For sure! Both monthly and annual customers can pause their subscriptions for a maximum of one month. Be sure to pause before the end of the month, otherwise you will still receive that month's box!

Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any point before your next billing date. Annual subscriptions are purchased up front, so there are no refunds or cancelations. However, you can remove auto-renew on your annual plan.