Kid-led discovery

Our boxes are designed to be easy to understand for independent play, with only minimal help from grown-ups needed.

Finger Sports


Bursting with games

1  Hands-on fun!

You'll not only use your fingers to build, but also to play!

2  Show off your skills

Get ready to rumble with the strongest thumbs around!

3  Shoot some hoops!

Because scoring baskets is ALWAYS better with a catapult!

Hair Salon

what's inside?

Accessories you'll love

1  Hang out sloth-style

Hang out sloth-style with your own cord charm.

2  Create your canvas!

Use the accessories to give your character a glow up.

3  Never a bad hair day...or?

Experiment with different techniques to find the perfect look!


what's inside?

Surprises inside

1  Get patched up!

Bring some style to your clothes and bags with unique character patches!

2  Not your everyday marker

Airbrush markers are perfect for graffiti-style effects! Use them to make stickers and labels!

3  Are you a Lil' Sloth or an Icy Fart?

Spin the turntables and discover your graffiti alter-ego to get things started! Don't forget to do the same for your family, your friends and pets!

Hours of fun inside each box